Custom Work

Do you already have a template that just needs coded and installed?  As long as it is a layered illustrator or photoshop file, we can slice it and code it into a template. 

Do you have all the graphics already saved as single images and just need them put together in a coded template?  We can do that also.

Coding the template can be a quick or tedious task depending on your layout and graphics, so this is charged at our hourly rate of $30.00 an hour and you would just pay a deposit of 1 hour for us to begin.  Then we will bill you the remaining balance when completed, before intallation is done.

You must be using one of our compatible hosts/carts.

You can also order extra services like setting up categories, pages, products, and checkout settings in

* settings:

- Basic is just the basic required settings for the communication of mals-e and your website.
- Advanced will include your shipping and payment settings as well.



Choose Deposit for Template Work:1 Hour $30.00
2 Hours $60.00
3 Hours $90.00
Category Setup:
Add Products:
Add Content Pages:
Mals-e Setup:
Domain Name:
Storeadmin Logins:
FTP Logins:
Mals Logins:
Additional Info:

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