<b>OOAK Deluxe Web Template 5</b>-OOAK Deluxe 5, Pink and Lime Green Web Template
OOAK Deluxe Web Template 5

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What's included:

~ Template graphics - Background, Header, Buttons and Footer (if exists) 
~ Header customization (with your company name and optional tagline)

What's not included: (But can be purchased below)

~ Installation of Template
~ Domain Registration, Hosting and Cart
~ Setup of Categories or Products 
~ Configuration of Cart (meaning shipping & payment settings) 
~ No graphic, colors or layout changes (unless requested for extra fee below)

You can also order The Works! (it includes the following)

~ Installation of Template
~ Configuration of Cart with Mals-e (shipping & payment settings)
~ 5 Content Pages Setup
~ Setup of up 30 Categories/Sub-Categories
~ Setup of up to 20 Products
~ Matching Animated (2 frame) Banner
~ Matching Animated (2 frame) Button

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Price:Was $75.00 Sale! $50.00
Domain Name:
Company Name for Header:
Tagline/Slogan (optional):
Hosting Provider (for installation):
Would you like installation?:No
Yes add $75.00
Would you like Mals-e Configuration?:No
Yes add $30.00
Would you like a Matching Banner?:No
Yes Static add $20.00
Yes Animated(2 frames) add $30.00
Would you like a Matching Button?:No
Yes Static add $10.00
Yes Animated(2 frames) add $20.00
Do you need any other customization to the template?:No
Yes(contact me)
Would you like Categories Setup?:No
Yes up to 10 Categories add $10.00
Yes up to 20 Categories add $20.00
Yes up to 30 Categories add $30.00
Yes more than 30 Categories(contact me)
Would you like Products Added?:No
Yes 10 Products add $20.00
Yes 20 Products add $40.00
Yes 30 Products add $60.00
Yes Over 30 Products Added(contact me)
Would you like 5 Content Pages Setup?:No
Yes 5 pages add $125.00
Would you like The Works?:No
Yes add $400.00

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